Jilli Rose

After brief careers as a croupier, archaeologist and printing press assistant, Jilli learned how
to animate and has been gleefully making things move ever since. You can find her work
gleaming brightly in many of the world's major natural history museums, tucked into the
corners of broadcast television, screening at national and international film festivals and
flickering live anywhere that offers an extension cord and a projector.
Known for her lively and engaging multi-screen museum displays of ancient creatures and
environments, Jilli has also created award-winning graphics for documentary features and
television series including the Emmy-nominated “Defiant Requiem”, the Peabody Awardwinning
“Silence of the Bees” and the much-loved title sequence for the Discovery Channel
series “Mythbusters”.
Jilli has two animated documentaries in production in 2015; one about the scientists
conducting their work at the edge of the world, in Antarctica (she is the 2014 Australian
Antarctic Arts Fellow), and one following the work of the organisation Island Conservation
who prevent extinctions by removing invasive species from islands. She is also collaborating
with an indie game developer to design and create an interactive learning environment
about island biogeography.
Her ambition is to learn to tell her stories so well that people will smile even on days when
they think they have no smile in them.

My Artists Sessions

Wednesday, November 12

9:10pm MST

Saturday, November 15

10:20am MST