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Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty
Darin Southam (Writer, Actor, Producer) – Darin’s acting career began with Disney in the film "Going To The Mat," working with Khleo Thomas. He followed with another Disney film "Halloweentown High," where he worked with Academy Award nominated, Debbie Reynolds, as well as Teen Choice nominated, Lucas Grabeel. Darin took a few lead roles in independent films and then landed himself in Discovery Channel's series "I Shouldn't Be Alive." After a brief diversion to law school, he landed a role in "127 Hours" where he worked with Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominated, James Franco. Darin followed by playing the mountain man scout, Ephraim Hanks, in "Ephraim's Rescue," where he showed his ability to carry a film. He then starred in “The Hanging Tree”, which won him an award for Best Actor. Later, Darin was also direct-cast as a younger character version of PT Emmy nominated, John Heard, in "Counting For Thunder." Not letting his law background go to waste, Darin most recently took a supporting role as the lead Defense Attorney in "Let It Go," where he worked opposite Henry Ian Cusick. In addition to his success as an actor, Darin has written, directed, and produced over 25 commercials for companies such as Adobe and Harley Davidson. Darin wrote his current project, Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty and will play the lead role of Moroni.